Whale Shark Attack Simulator

The highly recommended Shark simulation game Whale Shark Attack Simulator has a released on Android.. Get control of 360 Degree Whale Shark Simulator!!

Get ready to explore first time in Google Play where a Whale Shark Simulator can attack in 360 degrees any angle. One of the best shark games in action! Take control of the Gigantic Whale Shark and go on a deep in the ocean to hunt, survive as long as possible by eating everything and complete your mission! Explore a beautiful underwater world and rule the OCEAN as GREAT WHALE SHARK.


There are a lot more fantasy scenarios to explore with dangerous species!! One of the best SHARK WHALE underwater game. This game has new implements like the shark will be kept for testing in the laboratory and it breaks down everything in its way.

The game has new targets & missions to complete. For more updates tune-up to our game and win exclusive offers & get notified for more updates.

Stay Tuned for more an ULTIMATE 360 Degree Whale Shark Simulator!!

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