Get ready to be a good chef!

Prepare delicious food in your restaurant.Cook different types of food like burger, pizza, hot dogs etc.Serve your customers juices, soft drinks with the food to complete the order.Make your customer happy by serving food items on time. Buy and upgrade kitchens and restaurant with the game progress.

Join the Dino Attack Battle now!

Play the role of Dinosaur and attack the other animals and Trex dinosaurs. The best animal revolt battle simulator game! Join the deadly Trex battle revolt on the ramp. Upgrade your favourite Trex Dino with progress. Upgrade new skins of dinosaurs. Play and Fight on the ramp in the game

Playbook for Customer Retention

Customer Retention – Identifying Strategies that Work! In today’s world, with the environment being fluid, customer behavior and patterns have changed immensely. The period of the term ‘Lifetime Value’ has become quite fluid. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is among the least appreciated marketing metrics.

Farm Rescue – Pull the pin Features:

Your mission is simple, pull the pin & save the sheep from wild animals and help them reach the fields safely. There are so many interesting levels to play in this crazy puzzle games. It is FREE to play!Play more Levels to Unlock and upgrade to new and colorful sheep