Hunt Or be Hunted to Death

Play the chasing game with 3D dinos and have fun. This Dino Game is an episodic graphic adventure game based on the life of 3D Dinos with real-time effects in throwing, eating & shooting features. It has action types of equipment used in the gameplay like a gun or two, or defy nature by breathing fire! Experience a brand new adventure with prehistoric 3D dinos in Dino-Trex simulator.
Dino T-Rex Attack In City is the most entertaining dinosaur attack game. The 3d environment will lead you to the wild world of t-rex simulation gameplay with modifies 3D Dino. Each Dino is modified with different weapons to harm the humans. They don’t go easy on you!!!


– Use the weapons to aim the targets & kill them.
– Tasks will be given based on each level
– Upgrade the dinos based on your levels

Enjoy the 3D life of Dino & Live the life of Jurassic Dino’s. Attack, eat and survive. !!!! Hurrey, get ready to be a Dino & destroy to survive.