Whale Shark Simulator Game Play

The highly recommended Shark simulation game Whale Shark Attack Simulator has a released on Android. Get control of 360 Degree Whale Shark Simulator!!

Game Rules:

– Click on the right button to only move forward.
– Click on the left side of the screen to move upwards, downward, left or right side.


– Underwater Theme
– Laboratory Theme
– There are lots of missions, surprise events to unlock & win coins.
– 30 different types of mission including targets & challenges to complete
– 5 different world to explore.
– Play the special event to unlock special sharks.
– Control your 306 Degree shark & fed it to survive
– Timer base underwater simulator gameplay
– Target based game adventure
– Action-packed aquatic adventure

UNDERWATER MISSION: Just collect the given targets within the given time and achieve your goals to win surprises.
* Clues:
– Targets will be given at each level
– Complete the mission within the given time.
– 30+ missions to complete in the ocean world
– Timer base underwater simulator gameplay
– Find and collect Bonus Objects

LABORATORY MISSION: Get the Whale Shark Escaped from the Laboratory before it gets experimented by the Doctors.
* Clues:
– Kill the humans before they kill you.
– Destroy the laboratory
– Targets will be given to complete the mission.
– Timer Based Gameplay

Download & Play the ultimate SHARK WHALE Game Adventure.

The game has new targets & missions to complete. For more updates tune-up to our game and win exclusive offers & get notified for more updates.

Stay Tuned for more an ULTIMATE 360 Degree Whale Shark Simulator!!