Double Head Shark Attack – MULTIPLAYER is on STEAM Now

We are now available on STEAM Now!!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates!!!!

What is the game Double Head Shark Attack – MULTIPLAYER MODE!!! ???

Double Head Shark Attack is a FIRST ever multiplayer game in shark simulation genre.

Its an is oceanic simulation gameplay a unique underwater MULTIPLAYER GAME ADVENTURE. Your survival depends on how smart you are to attack. There are extreme wild sharks hungry under the water starving for their food with a dry throat and an empty stomach, yet survival will not be easy underwater! It’s an EPIC sea gameplay with creepy WILD SHARKS ready to hunt.

You are a shark underwater king of the world ready to HUNT!!! Each scenario has different tasks to unlock new missions. There are different worlds you can select. The tasks will be shown once the missions are unlocked. Well, you can change your attire by using different props shown after selecting your shark. Give yourself a trendy classic look to your outfit. HUNT OR BE HUNTED!!!

In the gameplay, you will be teleported to a different world on timer-based to collect as much as coins you can for further tasks. It will open in every 24HOURS!!!!

Get ready to have some fun!!!!


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