Did you ever dreamt of riding around ancient temples & collecting treasures ???

Did you ever dreamt of riding around ancient temples & collecting treasures ??? Then get the ultimate running experience through ancient temples and join the adventure of racing as a rider.

This is an extreme racing game filled with fun & entertainment to our lovely players with different modes like Endless Mode, Challenge Mode & Event Mode. In Challenging mode you have to play all the levels to explore & win rewards. In endless mode, you can play with no limit. Event mode is a special reward mode where the user is rewarded with a special bonus.

Are you ready for the adventure??? Download to play insane stunt game Temple Rider 2019 ever!!!

Temple Rider 2019 Features:

This amazing game has detailed 3D graphics at every angle, look around & feel the adventures by experiencing as you see the temples and beautifully rendered trees, wild furious birds that emerge from the realistic fog. The point of this game gives is to get you the thrills and the looks that go beyond your ordinary game. The roller coaster physics are true to life making it a real-world experience that will make you swing side to side as you enter the high-speed corners.

*It’s a Free Game
*Play with different crazy funky characters
*Unlock & play 30+ Levels
*Extreme racing game to play
*Highly addictive and immersive Gameplay
*Ultra realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
*Challenging Missions to unlock new rewards
*3 different modes to play


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