Biggest Shark in the world of Double Head Shark – Largest Megalodon

It has a Survival Time of 50 Secs and a speed of 10m and bite power of 7 (on the scale of 0-10). It is most powerful and expensive shark. Eats Small & Large Fishes, Swimmers, Policemen , Diver, Small and Large Turtle ,Small and Large Crab , Birds , piranha fish, small Jelly, small and large Octopus Can upgrade its survival time, speed and bite power by purchasing with gold Hunts fish down as a perfect real hunter king of the sea It is a furious shark and a survival hero

It is unlocked in two ways:

Free Unlock: Unlock by Completing the Targets to get the given bar level powered up

Instant Unlock: Unlock by purchasing it with 400 diamonds