Are you ready to race in Daytona Beach Car Racing Championship????

This week we have a new story of the lovely city Daytona direct from Florida!!! Daytona a lovely city in Florida. It’s known for Daytona International Speedway for racers and racing championship. We all love sports like the bike or car races and racing. This game is quite similar to a reality of the racing adventure of Daytona Racing
The city is historically known for its beach where the hard-packed sand allows motorized racing vehicles to drive on the beach in restricted areas. We have a glimpse or a view where you have the picture of an of a real racing game into a gaming mode !!!!

This game is fully designed as infield road course configuration of the Daytona City. Its a life reward racing game in reality of a racer and the same has utilized to create a game with unlimited fun & entertainment. Welcome racers to enjoy the most thrilling & exciting gameplay with your fully loaded racing cars. This game has all the creative racing themes designed for a racer to play and brush up his driving skills and also supercross racing track is built between pit road and the tri-oval section of the track.

This is an amazing beach racing game with professional racers on the racing track. In each level or zone, the racer has to come first to win the race. You can use coins to speed up your cars handling, speed, nitro etc. There will be random day night modes to play. Racers it a free racing game with amazing surprises to play and receive. Challenge your friends & see who can drive the furthest & how you rank against your friends. Don’t miss the fun in racing .. Learn…. Live ….and Enjoy…..!!